I am beyond repentance



my friend Pete literally makes me cry with his snap stories

this is me, i am pete, love me 

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history books are just bad snapchat jokes waiting to happen


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Last Dance ~ Christina Hendricks by Tony Duran for Rhapsody, April 2014 

the gorgeous Christina <3

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Ricki Hall


Ricki Hall

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The first same sex wedding at West Point


The first same sex wedding at West Point

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This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

This is actually kinda perfect for outdoor weddings omg

casually reblogging this entire tag lol whoop


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Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued


Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued

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rhojoprocesses asked: So my Husband made his very first date for next week. I feel like my heart has been in a vice ever since he told me. I have never been so scared. He would call all of this off if I asked but as much as this hurts I can't do it. God how do you do this



My heart is breaking for you - you sound so terrified and unhappy. Are you sure you two are ready for this? Have you really talked it out? If you’re determined to stay the course, here are some recommendations:

  1. Be clear with him about what time he will leave for the date and when he will return home. For a first date, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect him to come home that night. If something changes and he’s going to be late, he needs to check in with you (I’d suggest by phone, as that can be more comforting than a text).
  2. Be clear with him about what activities you can/not handle him engaging in on this date. Is it ok if he kisses her? Hugs her? If they make out? Have sex?
  3. If sex is a possibility, he MUST bring condoms. And use them.
  4. You can expect that his date will have questions about his marriage and you. If there are things you’d like to keep private, you should discuss that with your husband before the date.
  5. The day/night of the date, you should have your own plans. Go over to a girlfriend’s house, get dinner, see a movie. Do NOT sit at home watching the clock. You will make yourself completely miserable.
  6. The next day, the two of you should plan time to debrief and reconnect. Maybe brunch? (avoid too many mimosas during the debrief!). There may be things you don’t want to hear about his date - if something comes up you’re uncomfortable hearing about, let him know that you’re not ready for that level of detail.
  7. Have sex.
  8. If he’s going to see her again, I suggest you meet her. For me, it’s not worth the hassle for a first date that my husband may never see again, but if he’s going to have an on-going relationship, I want to know who he’s spending his time with. I find that meeting the other women makes me less anxious. Seeing them as real people, and not goddesses that are going to steal away my husband, makes me feel a whole lot less insecure.
  9. At some point, if he continues dating, I strongly suggest that you give it a try, too. I didn’t “get” having an open marriage until I met someone I really liked and started seeing on a regular basis. Meeting that person helped me understand that I had infinite love to give and sharing it with another man did not take anything away from my husband. If anything, it increased my love for him.

I hope that helps some. Please let me know how things go. If I’m not already booked that night, I’m happy to chat you through any rough patches. (((hugs)))

I would add in a few things:

  1. It’s normal and it’s OK to feel freaked out. It’s OK to not feel “ready” for this. All the emotions—the fear, the insecurity, the borderline panic—are natural. You’re likely imagining the worst-case scenario: he goes out, they have wild monkey-love all night, he comes home to tell you how much more amazing his date was than any date he’s ever had with you and they’re going to be moving in together as soon as possible. Intuitively and rationally, it’s easy to know that isn’t how things will play out. In all likelihood, he’ll have an enjoyable chat and maybe a nice hug & a kiss (depending on what you two have agreed he’s OK to do). It’s entirely possible he’ll get there and discover there’s absolutely no connection. But emotionally, well, that’s a tougher battle to fight.
  2. BUT: It gets easier. The first step is always the most difficult one to take. When you look back, it probably won’t seem so bad; you may find yourself wondering why you even spent so much time worrying. (It’s OK, of course, if that doesn’t happen; everyone is different.) The next time it happens, it’ll be less of a big deal. And so on. Seeing my partners excited after a good date is energizing, because they’re usually excited to tell me about it and are just happier in general. So if your husband’s date goes phenomenally well, you’ll get to enjoy a happier hubby.
  3. It’s normal and OK if it isn’t consistently easier. There are things that unexpectedly trip me up. And it’s never the things I think will be the most difficult to deal with that turn out to be the most difficult. It’s pretty consistently something from way out in left field that I just had absolutely not anticipated.
  4. Pay attention to how you feel, what you’re thinking about, etc., as the situation plays itself out. Share that with your husband afterward. It’s vitally important that he know and understand things from your side; odds are he will be feeling the same things when you go out on your own first date with someone new. Paradoxically, this will allow you guys an opportunity for the two of you to connect and grow on a totally new and different level.

All the best.

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Bettie Page’s mugshot from October 29th 1972. Many of Bettie’s fans don’t seem to know that she left the pinup world and became a religious fanatic. Years later she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and eventually spent over 11 years in a state mental institution because she stabbed three people. A husband and wife the first time, and her 66 year old roommate the second time because she said “God inspired her to do it”.

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Me every time I finish a series.

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imagine if girls used the same style of joke to degrade men like “cool story bro now go chop some lumber”


"what r u doing out of the garage go fix my car"

"Don’t you have something to fix somewhere."

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